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OOOH!!!! CHECK IT OUT YOU GUYS!!!!! THIS IS THE COOLEST THING EVER!!!!! i got this email the other on....


Hi, all!
OK, so here's the deal! I have been trying to come up with something REALLY special to do for Tyler's 21st birthday in November.....and I wanted it to be something that any of his fans/friends/family could participate in, if they choose to do so. So I have finally "hatched my sneaky plan". Please understand that this is totally, utterly, completely optional for each of you.......if you WANT to participate, GREAT.....if you don't, that is perfectly OK, too.......I just ask that you NOT mention it AT ALL on any of the websites, because it would spoil the surprise.
First, many of you already know how much Tyler loves books.....all kinds of books.
Some of you may know, also, that he enjoys old-fashioned letters, more than emails.
And all of you know how generous a spirit he has and how much he likes to do things for other people.
So, working from those three traits of Tyler's, here's my idea.
1. If you want to participate, choose a favorite book of yours...or any book...... that you would like to purchase and donate to a charity in the area where you honor of Tyler Hilton's 21st birthday. Purchase that book.
2. Email me with your physical mailing address. I will have "bookplates" (stickers to go in the front of the books) printed. They will say
This Book Was Presented by
on November 22, 2004
In Honor of
The 21st Birthday of Tyler Hilton
When you email me your mailing address, I will mail to you one of the printed bookplates. You will fill in your name, the charity's name and put the bookplate in the book. Then you will take it to the charity of your choice (this could be anything from a women's shelter to a church library to a Ronald McDonald House....whatever you want) and present it to them......hopefully, you can get a picture of you giving it to them.
3. THEN....and this will be SO much fun for Tyler....I just can't WAIT to see his reaction.....
You write Tyler a HANDWRITTEN letter (he prefers those to typing) telling him WHY you chose that book and WHY you chose that charity....and any other birthday wishes you want to include. You send this letter to me, along with the picture of you presenting the book.
4. I will put together a large scrapbook.....each person who participates will have a page to themselves....on that page, I will mount your personal letter to Tyler along with the picture. On his birthday, I will present him with the entire scrapbook.....representing all of your gifts to all the different charities AND letting him know something about you personally, through the letter that is on "your" page.
5. Bob has promised that he will video Tyler when he opens the scrapbook on or around his birthday and sees that fans/friends/family all across the country have donated books in his honor, and you will get to see that video.
So, Tyler's physical birthday gift from all of us will be the scrapbook that I will put together from all your letters and pictures......but the REAL gift to him is that each of you will have done something nice for some group that needs and will appreciate it. That will really mean so much to him! And won't it be awesome for all these groups all across the country to find out about Tyler Hilton this way!
I really don't think that anything would please him more! Bob agrees!
Sooooooooo......if you want to participate, great....send me your address, so I can mail you a bookplate. I think we have to have some deadlines, because this is going to be pretty time-consuming for me, so here they are:
September 30: Deadline for emailing me your address
October 31: Deadline for mailing me the letters and pictures about what you I can have everything ready by his birthday.
I'd really like feedback from each of you, whether or not you decide to participate! I know Tyler pretty well, and I KNOW he would love something like this, but I also want to hear you guys' reaction to the idea. Also, if there are fans whose email addresses you have, please feel free to forward this to them. The more people we can get involved, the cooler a surprise it becomes for Tyler!
Let me hear from you,
"Aunt B"
Beverly Davis
4228 Sherman Lane
Carson City, NV 908-6
Phone (775)841-1032, Cell Phone (760)86108814
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